His Majesty's speech during the "The Global Panel" in Hague

"I will indeed, carry out the responsibility which history has bestowed upon me. Iran must be freed. Its people must decide their own destiny and they ought to be supported in that regard."

For a Free and Democratic Iran


Biography of Reza Pahlavi (II)

Born in October 1960, Reza Pahlavi was designated the Crown Prince of Iran in 1967, succeeded to the title of Shah at the death of his father in 1980.

Reza Shah II completed his primary and secondary education in Iran.In 1978, he traveled to the United States where he pursued an orientation program in teaching methodes at a number of US Air Force Academies, notably at the Joint Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. From 1978 to 1979, he completed an officers training program as a fighter pilot at Ress Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas.

The assumption of his constitutional responsibilities in October 1980 interrupted the Shah's studies at Williams College, where he had entered as a freshman in september, 1979. However, he was later able to complete his undergradute studies in political science and obtain his degree from the University of Southern California.

In 1986 Reza Shah II married Yasmine Etemad Amini. In April 1992, the couple was blessed with the birth of thier first child, Princess Noor Pahlavi. Their second daughter, Princess Iman, was born in September 1993.

As heir to the Iranian throne, Reza Pahlavi has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East and has met Iranian political leaders of every shade of opinion.His paramount conviction is that his countrymen should be allowed to determine the future of their country in an atmosphere free from fear and retribution..

The Shah's pursuit of a framework of democratic rights for Iran had to be temporarily postponed when his country became a victim of Iraq's armed aggression. However the Shah resumed his efforts in the aftermath of the cease-fire in 1988, and he remains at the forefront of the struggle against the bloody and repressive theocracy of the Mullahs and at the helm of the patriotic forces commited to a democratic Iran.

The Shah's vision for the Iran of tomorrow was expressd recently in manifesto entitled The Future of Iran Towards a Free and Progressive Society in which he pledges his commitment to respect political freedoms and human rights of the Iranian people.

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